Russell Hogarth

Russel Hogarth

Russel Hogarth

Russell Hogarth is an Honorary Fellow and Community Engagement Ambassador at the University of Central Lancashire. He was awarded his University Fellowship for his community/voluntary work with a special emphasis on Mental Health. He chairs the Pan-University Creative Communities Group UK.

He is a company director for the Design in Mental Health Network. He is also an esteemed member of The College of Social Work [Faculty for Mental Health] and the Royal College of Psychiatrists [Dementia & Elderly wards Quality Mark].

Russell is the volunteer coordinator for the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing.

Russell’s expertise as an independent advisor for Community Engagement in Higher Education and his experience in UK Health and Social care is now recognised both nationally and internationally. He has reached a commendable position in life through caring for others and working relentlessly towards a better tomorrow. The Committee admires his great strength, passion and philanthropy, and acknowledges the service he has done for the sustenance of humanity.

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